I’m back!

Well, it got incredibly busy - my learners were getting ready for GCSE maths and so I was teaching 4 nights a week plus Saturday mornings with extra classes of other subjects in the afternoons, so I didn't have time to speak to friends or clean the house let alone update this blog. Now it's … Continue reading I’m back!


By the way – did I mention?….

I'm always RAVENOUS! Prednisolone is ridiculous. I can eat a bowl of porridge with banana, apple and kiwi fruit and feel hungry again within three minutes. The only time I feel full is when I eat loads and loads of lemon drizzle cake... I gained 5lbs over Christmas but since then I've managed to stay … Continue reading By the way – did I mention?….

Oh dear

So I've got down to mid 12mg from 15mg but the 20% drop makes a big difference. I'm waking with stiff hips and my brain has gone to complete mush with the deep exhaustion coming and going unpredictably. I've noticed I have to sit down next to my learners much more than I did as I'm … Continue reading Oh dear


Just a quick update: Two days ago I heard that my opinion that you should  try to eat 10 portions of fruit and veg a day  is official news on the BBC. Today I hear bisphosphonates  are supposed to cause micro-cracks in bones (which explains why the strange longitudinal fractures would have been happening). I … Continue reading Hah!