By the way – did I mention?….

I’m always RAVENOUS! Prednisolone is ridiculous. I can eat a bowl of porridge with banana, apple and kiwi fruit and feel hungry again within three minutes.

The only time I feel full is when I eat loads and loads of lemon drizzle cake…

I gained 5lbs over Christmas but since then I’ve managed to stay stable even though I’m stuffing down all the calcium containing foods etc. It will be a miracle if, in a couple of years or whatever, I come out of the prednisolone phase of my life at the same weight. My general plan is to aim for 1300 calories per day in the week (although it generally ends up more like 1500cals) and then allow a spot of lemon drizzle at the weekend. It seems to keep me at a stable weight. No wonder you can develop diabetes with this stuff!

Anyway, how ever much you eat, if you’re on predinoslone, you’ll go to bed hungry…



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