Treating PMR/osteopenia with food

This is really to remind myself why I’m eating all this stuff. I know there are good reasons but there are so many I’m starting to forget them!

  • Bone food 1 Increasing calcium/magnesium foods, magnesium supplement, K2, D3, A (materials for osteoblasts and osteoclasts) Optimum magnesium for bone health – 320mg in normal person seems enough available in food. However, prednisolone can affect uptake of magnesium so 300-400mg supplement recommended.
  • Bone food 2 Oats (and exercise) – osteocyte health also other anti-oxidants especially curcumin (but may be problems with circumin/prednisolone – investigating separately.
  • Stomach foods – yoghurt and anything else that increases mucus and gut bacteria
  • Calorie controlled – aim 25BMI so in healthy range but keeping enough weight for helpful bone strength, without weight increase to avoid increased possibility of type 2 diabetes (and also reduce hamster cheeks and buffalo hump yuck).
Food Chemical Dosage per day Reason
Prednisolone time
Gouda Calcium 50g gouda 648mg (58%) calcium Calcium uptake inhibited by prednisolone. Mustn’t have more than 2000mg pd as this can cause heart problems. Gouda is best compromise of calcium intake v calories. Also will have to watch out for LDLs going up…
Low fat plain (mainly soya) yoghurt Calcium (Working on total calcium intake of 1200mg pd: 180mg 15%), S. thermophilus and L. bulgaris if Alpro; if Yeo Valley then also bifodbacterium 100g Prednislone reduces mucus in stomach leasing to increase possibility of stomach ulcers – dairy/soya/gluten increases mucus, also yoghurt helps balance gut bacteria which can be affected by pred.
Porridge Range of vits and miinerals 46g Oats are antioxidant – may help with osteocyte survival, also mucus-forming, also reduce cholesterol due to soluble fibre
For whole day sweetened soyamilk Added calcium but also wide range of vits and mins 750ml (540mg calcium 45%) Lots of conflicting stuff about soyamilk and health – but this may be commercially funded research. Anyway I’m going with this report for the moment
Banana, apple, kiwifruit (generally this range of fruit) Wide range of vits and mins 1 of each Obv just nice to eat as well as giving the vits and mins
Ground ginger Minimal amounts of various vits and mins 2 heaped teaspoonsful Not sure if I should be eating ginger – it case raise blood sugar levels and affect gut (normally in a good way but should check re pred)- but I’ve been having this for years and would probably have withdrawal symptoms
Magnesium supplement Magnesium 336mg Magnesium uptake inhibited by pred so more is needed. Osteoporosis and benefits of calcium, magnesium and vit D

But you have to watch out how much to take

Also magnesium is good for reducing stress. Probably…

Vitamin K2 supplement Vitamin K2 360mcg K2 makes sure that calcium goes to bones rather than blood vessels (K1 is the clotting vitamin)

Implication is that 45mg is a good dose but K2 not easily available at this level

Vitamin K2 in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis

Benefits of Vitamin K

Vitamin D3 oil – D-Drops Vitamin D3 2000iu Vitamin D enables calcium uptake in bone formation
This is higher than NHS recommended intake of 400iu but new research shows well under any dangerous levels.and the Vit D Council suggest as much as 10000iu Taking K2 should avoid calcium problems cited by NHSNHS recommended daily intakeConvert mcg to IU here
As wide a range of vegetables as possible inc dark green leaf, with protein As many vits and mins as pos including some things yet to be discovered obv As much as I can eat for dinner – typically full bag of stir fry veg with quorn chicken fillet Important for reducing LDLs. I’m avoiding carbs unless part of something else eg not pasta or normal potato but yes sweet potato as it also contains vit A plus lots of others, but I can’t tolerate no carbs at all due to lack of gall bladder.
Flaxseed oil Omega 3 2 teaspoonsful Reduces inflammation. (Hints that it may also help increase bone density although more research needed). I like the taste as well!
Snack food Depends what it is Under 200kcal This may be a piece of fruit, cheese, spinach/tofu/egg/kale bake or occasionally a custard slice or a biscuit. I’m trying to avoid manufactured food as so much is left out that should be in, but sometimes it’s necessary to lift spirits!

At present I am still drinking two cups of coffee in the morning – I know this depletes my bones but having to cut out fag gum is bad enough!The rest of time, it’s either tea (chai or lap sang) or roobosch with soya milk (vanilla at present).

If I remember any other food and the reason why I am particularly eating it, I’ll add more later. I’ve still got many more references to put in.

Luckily I like to eat similar things most days. Myfitnesspal logs the nutritional values of everything each day so I can spot what I’m low and high on; I’ve upped the setting of calcium, for example so their 100% is 1200mg, but I’m also now monitoring saturates which have obviously increased due to cheese intake.


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