Bugger – a quick update

Okay. I got some results back yesterday. My blood test showed that my ESR was down from 46 to 9. This means that inflammation has gone down massively – normal is 20 or less. So that’s good…

My bone density test also came back – sort of. We now know that it says I have osteopenia. This means I have lower bone density than average.

  • Normal is above -1.
  • Between -1 and -2.5 and you’re in the land of low density bones – also known as osteopenia.
  • Below -2.5 and it’s world of osteoporosis.

Now, you will realise that a score of just on -1.1 is a huge difference to -2.4999 but they’d both count as osteopenia. So, what was my score?

Dunno. They couldn’t find the paperwork. Someone has now apparently found it as they rang me. I rang back but no-one knows who rang before. Luckily, not urgent. Bone changes can take a couple of years to come into effect. So whatever negative number my density is now won’t change by next week – although I WANT TO KNOW!

So I will be working on the osteopenia diet over the weekend – reminding myself about how the osteoblasts and osteoclasts work and what they need and how prednisolone gets in the way, and what to do to overcome that. In the meantime, I’d better go for a run on Wuhu Island…

Anyway, on this bombshell, I’ve been upping all my bone foods and vits. And have reluctantly given in and proved to myself that I have to give up fag gum. It’s the nicotine that wrecks your bones not just the smoking, but very few people mention this. It took ages to find the evidence. Sorry I did now grr.

Oh deary me. No fag gum and the cat weeing on the bed… (don’t ask).





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